Why do I need a mobile friendly website (2)?

In my last post, I explained the first fundamental reason for having a mobile website.  You will remember that if your business is not mobile friendly, then it has less opportunity of being found on the first page of a Google search. How this can impact your business is explained by Google in their 2015 announcement. ‘Click here’ to read.

Let’s check a second fundamental reason why you should have your mobile website and it is another digital trend of which you should be aware.

Go Mobile

More and more people connect to the internet using their mobile phone or a similar mobile device e.g. iPad. Increasingly, Australians use mobiles to access internet.

The graph below illustrates the percentage of Australians who connect using their mobile phones – 2012 to 2016.  
51 % of users connected to the internet with their mobile device in 2012 but this increased to 70%  in 2016. A 20% increase in just 4 years!

The percentage of Australians access the internet via mobile phone 2012-2016

User behaviour has changed rapidly as have Google search mechanisms.  If your website isn’t mobile friendly then we suggest that you check that you are in fact getting value from your website presence. It might be time for you to look at assistance to optimize user searches.

In addition, In a recent Google poll, almost 46% of  respondents said that their top frustration when browsing the web on a mobile device was waiting for slow pages to load. This is a warning; getting your website mobile friendly is a must do.

Never to old to use a new technology

I have clients whose customers are not so young. Their customers can be over 40s who don’t always access the most up to date technology.  This can lead to a false idea that they won’t use a mobile device to access websites

Here is a client’s Google analytics report to demonstrate what I mean.  64 percentage of her new customers are over 45 years old.

The analytics table below shows that 75.33% of new users use their mobile to check the client’s website, while about 47.5% of new users are over  45+  who connect to my client’s website using mobile or tablet. so almost  63 percentage of who using a mobile is over 45 years old. 

Also, if my client doesn’t have a mobile friendly website then 75.33% of potential users would be found hard to use the site with their mobile and will leave the site immediately. 

Those data can be different each website or your website, however what I want to say is don’t just stay where you are. Check your google free report, if you don’t have please talk your web designer or contact me to install this google report to find out who is your targets and how do they do your website. (Geo has a Google Analytics certification, to help you read the report professionally)

Perhaps you can see where I am coming from!  Mobile or perish!   Please contact me.

Google has recognized GEO LEE as a Mobile Sites certified professional, meaning that She has passed an exam that assesses mobile sites’ expertise. She is qualified to help you create and optimize your mobile website. Click here to view her Certifications from Google. If you need a help, please contact us.