Why do I need a mobile friendly website (1)?

This is the question I am most often asked from owners of websites which are 3-5 years old. Whilst it can be difficult to persuade these owners to spend additional money updating, and possibly upgrading, their existing website the advancement of mobile devices makes it a must.

There are two fundamental reasons why it is necessary to renew websites to complement mobile.  I have explained theses reasons in a series of two posts. Here is the first reason.

Optimize search results for your company

Firstly, Google, as the main search engine used tells us that to advance your company’s search rankings, a mobile friendly website, with good content, is  preferred on the mobile search.

Google announced,
“Starting April 21, 2015, Google Search will be expanding its use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in Google Search results. Users will find it easier to get relevant, high quality search results optimized for their devices.”

Reference: https://support.google.com/adsense/answer/6196932?hl=en

The outcome is obvious….. lack of a mobile friendly site means less opportunity for your business to be located on the first Google search results’ page when people do searches using their mobile phone.    

For instance, assume you are a plumber with a website but it is not yet mobile friendly.

Imagine Peter who lives in your service area. Peter has a problem with his bathroom and needs to find a plumber immediately. Let’s imagine what Peter might do and how impact him to find your website.

  1. Grabs his mobile phone.
  2. Searches “Experienced Plumber, Miami area”
  3. Peter checks out 3 or 4 plumbers who are on the first page of a Google search.
    He doesn’t need to open the Yellow Pages or turn on his computer to search. By using only his mobile device, he solves his problem.
  4. He makes a phone call directly, gets a plumber, and the job’s done!!!

So, which plumbers would Peter call? He checks the first 3-4 plumbers’ website on the first page on Google and calls straight who can help him.  There is more likely the top 3 or 4 websites with mobile friendly, because Google said so, prefer to rank competitors’ mobile site higher than yours who doesn’t have a mobile friendly website.

Therefore, even you are more experience in your field or more cost-effective. Peter will find other mobile version competitors before you. Google pushes the business who has a mobile friendly website to be shown on the first search page to the mobile users, while your site is pushed down, down, down.
  • Question: I am not sure whether my site is a mobile friendly website?

    Here is a link so you can check yourself ‘click here’

  • Question : I have a mobile friendly website so will my site show up the first search result page immediately?

    A number of factors will determine whether or not you show in the first results’ page but having a mobile website is one of the principal factor to be considered. Check what you need to consider in getting your site to show in that first search results’ page ‘click here’ Need help? Please contact us.

  • Question: I don’t have a mobile site but my website shows in the first page of a Google search So, I think I am fine. However, when I check my service area through my mobile, my website comes up on the second page not a first page?

    Yes, when you don’t have a mobile site, you have less and less opportunity to be on the first page for mobile users. Therefore, more and more people are using mobile access the internet, you have gradually less chance to be on the top page.  

    In my next  post, I will talk about  mobile user trends and why you need a mobile site.

Google has recognized GEO LEE as a Mobile Sites certified professional, meaning that She has passed an exam that assesses mobile sites’ expertise. She is qualified to help you create and optimize your mobile website. Click here to view her Certifications from Google. If you need a help, please contact us.