“An online presence is any existence of an individual or business that can be found via an online search. An example of an individual who is not active on the Internet but who has an online presence is one who is a member of an association that has a member directory listing online.”

Reference: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/20140506135535-1862984-what-is-an-online-presence


How you appear online, or even if you appear, is similar to how you prepare and appear for an interview or opening your shop each day. For example, you would not attend the interview or open your shop without taking a look in the mirror to see how you looked. The reason is simple; first impressions count and if you cannot be found online or if your online details are poorly written or designed then the chances are you won’t be found or you will be overlooked.

So, how do we mirror our real world presence into the online presence? Here are some hints.

  1. Firstly, open your internet browser (computer or mobile)
  2. Type google.com.au in the address bar.
  3. Type your name in the search box
  4. Look at the lists with your name on the results’ page.

Your online presence starts from that results’ page. It is here that your potential clients are able to “find” you and your business. The first online impression is gained at this point.

If you can’t find anything of yourself from the search result page, you do not exist in other people’s search either. That means that no one will be able to find you and your business in the online world. Previously people thought that a website was the best way to represent your business online. Let Geo Create believes that this is an antiquated way of thinking.

Check out the example of Gucci’s online presence image below. You can see that the variety of online representations is highly varied from a Google ad to a website, a map, social media avenues, and reviews. Yes, your online presence could be anything nowadays.

Your guidebook:

Options for taking you and your business online

Some of the options for getting online are:

  • Website (Mobile Website)
  • Online shop or store
  • Blog
  • Email Campaigns
  • SEO, Google Adwords
  • Social Media like Facebook, Instagram, Linked-in, Pinterest, Twitter
  • Forums
  • Video channels like Youtube, Vimeo, and others
  • Online directories like Google map, Google business, Google reviews

Let Geo Create Question:

Do you always need a website first to represent your business online?

Let Geo Create Answer:

No. You can start working it on step by step according to your strategy and circumstance. For example, you could have your business on Google map while your website is being built. You could place your products and services into your social media outlets first, while your website is built. You can also place your videos on Youtube while your website is taking shape. Talk with your web people or contact us to assist you to get started or to refine your online presence. Don’t panic and think that you need all online presence ready to go at the same time. That’s simply a waste of money!.

Last modified date: 31st Jan 2017