Exploring the online presence of Australian businesses from 2016 -2017

Chart 1. Business use of Information Technology – 2014-15 to 2016-17. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, while 2.5% of businesses with web presence increased slightly from 2014 to 2017, 6.4% of businesses with social media presence increased significantly. Australian businesses have become aware of the fact that social media is now one of […]

Why do I need a mobile friendly website (2)?

In my last post, I explained the first fundamental reason for having a mobile website.  You will remember that if your business is not mobile friendly, then it has less opportunity of being found on the first page of a Google search. How this can impact your business is explained by Google in their 2015 […]

Why do I need a mobile friendly website (1)?

This is the question I am most often asked from owners of websites which are 3-5 years old. Whilst it can be difficult to persuade these owners to spend additional money updating, and possibly upgrading, their existing website the advancement of mobile devices makes it a must. There are two fundamental reasons why it is […]

What is an email address and email hosting?

An email hosting service is an Internet hosting service that operates email servers. Reference: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Email_hosting_service Let Geo Create Says: Let’s think that you are a lawyer; you would ask your clients to send their documents to your office. How does it get delivered to you? Your clients put their documents into an envelope which your address is written […]

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is the act of having all your files on a web server. Think of it as a digital real estate that is rented out to have websites (tenants) to live in for x many months, years or until their contract has run out.” It’s merely space itself. It does not include furnishings like […]

What is a domain name?

Reference: “Domain names are (in laymen’s terms) web addresses that users can visit to see a website. Eg: www.yourcompanyname.com. These were created to make Internet Protocol (or IP for short) addresses more human-friendly, rather than numbers which IP addresses are based off. Watch this video to learn more about domain names and how they work.” […]